Our Committees

GNJMA is supported by many Members who volunteer their time to make up our six active GNJMA Committees.

Want to get more involved? Any GNJMA member can join our committee meetings! Meetings are held virtually throughout the year. 

Contact Pattie Cowley, GNJMA Executive Director.

Meetings & Marketing
  Membership & Bylaws
Safety & Risk

Jon DeCamp, Chair

  • David Benedict
  • Tom JeBran
  • Heath Ochroch
  • Michelle Petelicki 

Michelle Petelicki, Chair 

  • Pete Borowsky
  • Jon DeCamp
  • Glenn Every
  • Tom JeBran
  • Heath Ochroch
  • Jason Sharenow
  • Courtney Villani 

Tom Taylor, Chair 

  • David Benedict
  • Heather Colache
  • Rich Eckelson
  • Emma Edwards
  • Susan Heffelfinger
  • John Henry
  • Adam Jacobson
  • Meg Lewis
  • Vivian Tuccillo-Giglio


Meg Lewis, Chair 

  • Jeff Goldwasser
  • John Henry
  • Rick McCarrick
  • Alison Klein Sherman
  • George Rodriguez
  • Frank Smith 
  • Mike Turner

Erwin Pantel, Chair

  • Amantuallah Allen
  • Bob Crescenzo
  • Rob Graff
  • Larry Kreiser
  • Loi Le
  • Jimmie Lytle
  • Steven O’Shea
  • Newel Scoon
  • Tom Taylor
  • Rich Tisone


  • Brad Decker
  • Rich Eckelson
  • Roy Furo
  • Meg Lewis
  • Jonathan Robbins
  • Michael Trageser
  • Steve Weiss

Committee Meeting Schedule:

  • Finance Committee - Second Tuesday of every 3 month(s) 10:00 AM
  • Legislative Committee - First Friday of every 3 month(s) 9:15 AM
  • Meetings and Marketing Committee - Second Wednesday of every 3 month(s) 11:00AM
  • Membership & Bylaws Committee - First Wednesday of every 3 month(s) 2:00 PM
  • Safety & Risk Management Committee - Fourth Friday of every 3 month(s) 10:00AM

Finance Committee  

The role of the Finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization. Typical task areas include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. 

Legislative Committee 

The role of the Legislative committee is primarily to review, monitor and address legislative issues and proposals.  The issues are related to both State (NJ) and Federal legislation and mostly include regulatory concerns that have an impact for the Association members.   

Membership and Bylaws Committee

The role of the Membership and Bylaws committee is primarily to engage Association members in support of the Association's overall mission values and goals.  Activities are focused on recruitment, & retention of members including consideration of new programs or services that will support these efforts and are a value to Association members.  Periodically there will arise a need to propose changes to the Membership bylaws.   

Meetings and Marketing Committee

The role of the Meetings and Marketing committee is primarily to engage and plan the Membership meetings, Marketplace, educational, recognition and social events.  The committee takes an active role in supporting an organization's fundraising efforts and marketing as well. Their purpose lies in deciding how to get the word out and how to combine a cause with a marketing message that resonates with the Association members. 

Safety and Risk Committee 

The role of the Safety and Risk committee is to identify key and emerging risk management issues that affect the members of the Association. The committee will work to ensure safety and risk management best practices are in line with the Association's mission and relate to our commitment to safety. The committee meetings are held virtually quarterly.

Scholarship Committee 

The role of the Scholarship Committee is to review blind applications received for the Scholarship Program annually and to provide recommendations to the Board for the two recipients.